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Imagine yourself or your loved one in the most magical of a land of fantasy where dreams come to life and fairies roam free. I specialize in custom fantasy photos that are made out of the photos you take. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. From a beautiful fairy in a magical Garden to a handsome prince in his own kingdom. There's just so much to choose from.

ALL fantasy photos are made from scratch and completely custom and unique to your perfection!


You can either give me free hand to create whatever I want, or if you have a specific idea or specific background that you want me to use, I'll do that too. If you have seen a fantasy picture somewhere and want me to use that as inspiration, you can send me the picture or send me a link of the picture.


I will ONLY accept HIGH RESOLUTION, FULL BODY shots of you/your baby/your pet/whatever that you would like me to work into a fantasy photo. NO cut off hands/feet/toes/heads as they are harder to work with and take longer to recreate those parts.

As posters NEED HIGH resolution ORIGINAL (downloaded straightfrom your camera) (no camera phone photos) UNEDITED or TINKERED with photos... so please email ALLL photos to [email protected]

I will create the photo and send you a "proof" watermarked and shrinked... and i will wait for approval from you before having it printed and sent off to you!

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